Global Perspective in Education

Global Perspective in EducationGlobal Perspective in EducationGlobal Perspective in EducationGlobal Perspective in Education

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Education never sleeps. Innovative anyalsis, development, research and implmentation are our strengths. We want to be here for you every step of the way. Our education consultants will work with you and your organization to take you to the next step on your journey.

Professional Consulting and Implementation Service


Assessment Proctoring Services and Auditing

ELI is able to assess and provide a comprehensive program for your state and local assessments.

Anti Bullying/Harrassment Systems

Curriculum Development

Implement any content and curriculum to your organization’s culture.

Learning Standards Implementation

Provide a supportive role and coach individuals or groups with coaching and dissemination of organinzation culture. 

Development and Implementation of Professional Development Programs

Put effective programs in place to save your organization stagnancy, decrease personnel turnover and expenditure.

Educational Advocacy

ELI frequently advocates for education in the media, political and private sectors.

Meditation, Self Awareness and Reflection

Help your employees grow more successful and productive with mindfulness and reflection training.

Parental/Professional Academic Coaching

ELI assists clients in navigating the waters of education. We help parents with discipline strategies homework coaching, project completion, school selection and in many other areas of academics. Professionals gain confidence in their job roles.

Primary, Secondary and Higher Education Transition Strategies

Plan properly by eliminating as many transitions as possible or provide strategies to make the transitions seamless for students and educators.

Remote Learning  

School Building Security 


Educational Leadership International is a consulting firm that creates then implements and finally monitors academic systems to help an organization run efficiently.

Educational Consulting  

ELI aims to coach, consult and advise clients in their educational goals. We develop the best educational practices to meet the needs of diverse groups of learners. We aim to make education more productive and efficient on a global level.

Educational Trend Analysis

We service all aspects of education and strive to deliver the proper, research-based educational practices. 

We analyse current, past and future trends to assist in the heavy lifting of academic design and implmentation, in any capacity. The firm serves various entities, pursues ambitious projects and has a dynamic and evolving talent base. 

Our Talent

We maintain close relations with scholars, researchers, instructors, authors, informational technology experts, college admissions officers, colleges, universities, consultants, deans, superintendents, guidance counselors, social workers, principals and members of the private sector around the globe.  

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